Annie Chun's Noodles & Sauce, Black Bean 8.2 Oz

Premium Asian cuisine. Made with 94% organic ingredients. Great as a quick & easy side dish. Ready in 10 minutes. Chow mein noodles with black bean sauce. Dear Friends, I love the rich and complex flavor of fermented black beans, but it's something you can usually only savor in Chinese restaurants or by making a special trip to an Asian market. Now I've made it easy and convenient for you to enjoy this exotic taste at home. The wonderfully fragrant aroma and sophisticated taste make this the perfect dinner party dish. But don't wait for a special occasion. Enjoy it any time as a light meal, special side dish or tasty stir fry. I like it with prawns and crisp Asian veggies. however you prepare it, you'll always enjoy homemade taste without the fuss - Annie. Create a delicious ligh meal, side dish or stir fry in minutes. 1. Quick Light Meal: Make a satisfying and delicious dish in minutes then serve warm or chilled for a: Late night meal, on-the-go lunch, potluck favorite, a new dinner for 2. 2. Special Side Dish: Impress your guest and give any meal Asian flair with this tasty alternative to potatoes. Great with: Beef skewers, grilled chicken, baked tofu. 3. Healthy Stir Fry: Enjoy a gourmet Asian stir fry by adding fresh or frozen ingredients such as: Lean chicken or beef, prawns or baked tofu, crisp Asian veggies, sesame seed garnish. We're happily organic. I'm pleased to tell you that I am now using organic ingredients in many of my products. While everything I make for you has been all natural since 1992, only recently have Asian food suppliers responded to the growing demand for organic. Now my noodles and sauce taste more home-made than ever! Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International.