VerTerra Single-Use Plates, 6 Inch x 6 Inch

100% biodegradable. 100% compostable. Made from fallen palm leaves. Dinnerware. True to the earth. Can dinnerware make a difference in the world? We believe it can, one party at a time. Feel good about your dinnerware with plates, bowls, and cups that are 100% natural and non-toxic. Created from fallen palm leaves, VerTerra offers a whole new way to appreciate Earth's abundance while reducing our ecological impact. Use these dining pieces and make a positive change for our environment. No trees or plants are cut down and no chemicals, waxes or bonding agents are used to produce these dishes. Experience their purity and enjoy using them time and time again. Produced by fair-wage workers along India's Malabar Coast, VerTerra's unique and durable products are renewable, compostable and biodegradable, benefiting both you and the Earth. Finally, convenient and consciously-produced dinnerware that suits your modern lifestyle. All natural - chemical and bleach free. Non-toxic - no plastics or waxes. 100% compostable. Naturally biodegrades in 2 months after disposal. Microwave and refrigerator-safe. No trees cut down, made from fallen leaves.