Upton's Naturals Banana Blossom 7 Oz

Vegan for a reason. Tasty. Whole food. Our organic banana blossom has a similar texture to fish but is 100% vegan. What is banana blossom? It's the flower at the end of a banana fruit cluster. The flaky texture and neutral flavor makes it an ideal alternative to fish. And no, it doesn't taste like bananas! Like any other flower, the petals of banana blossoms can vary in color or size. It's normal for banana blossom to be pale yellow, purple, gray or to have dark spots. Thank you for choosing Upton's Naturals. Don't forget, sharing is caring. Vegan for a reason. At Upton's Naturals, veganism is a way of life, and every meal is an opportunity to show compassion for animals. Thank you for supporting our mission to make delicious vegan foods that anyone can enjoy.