Steaz Steaz Energy Berry 4 Pk

Organic fuel for the mind, body and soul. USDA Organic. Lightly carbonated energy drink. Contains 80 mg of natural caffeine. Made with fair trade certified green tea. We are proud to bring you Steaz energy - the world's first functional energy drink with respect for the community and the environment. We thoughtfully chose sustainably sourced, organic ingredients from small family farms. Our mission - to create a light, refreshing, berry flavored energy drink alternative that improves your health and vitality, while providing a buzz you will feel good about. Starting with our prized fair trade certified Ceylon green tea from Sri Lanka, this premium drink is brewed with Sambazon's acai fruit from Brazil - high in antioxidant benefits and rain forest grown Guayaki yerba mate - nature's most balanced stimulant. A touch of organic guarana and pure sugar cane juice give you just the kick you need to compliment your day. So here's to a better choice for better energy!