Spence & Co Salmon Pinwheels, Smoked 4 oz

Hand-made. Delicately prepared using all-natural hard wood smoked salmon. Spence or Spens: One of the ancient clans of Scotland - meaning dispenser or keeper of the larder (food store). This tradition of Scottish smoking is carried on and cherished by Spence & Co. Emulating the past to preserve the future. Spence & company, ltd. Has taken its buttery soft, subtly smoky, Scottish-style smoked salmon and hand-rolled it with a fine herb cream cheese to produce a connoisseur's delight: The smoked salmon pinwheel. Perfect as an hors d'oeuvre when served on a cucumber slice, your favorite cracker, as an accompaniment for a salad, or garnish for an entree. The recipes and uses are endless. Bon appetit! The carotenoid used in the feed of farm-raised salmon is identical to the natural carotenoid consumed by salmon in the wild and is the source of the color of this fish.