Spence Salmon Petit Fours, Smoked

Hand-made. Delicately prepared using all-natural hard wood smoked salmon. Spence or Spens: One of the ancient Clans of Scotland - meaning dispenser or keeper of the larder (food store). This tradition of Scottish smoking is carried on and cherished by Spence & Co. Emulating the past to preserve the future. Using the skill and craftsmanship of the master- smoker, Spence & Co., Ltd. Has taken our traditional smoked salmon and created a gourmet treat. Our smoked salmon petit fours are the perfect blend of smoked salmon, hand-wrapped around layers of tomato, black olive and cream cheese. Bon appetit! The carotenoid used in the feed of farm-raised salmon is identical to the natural carotenoid consumed by salmon in the wild and is the source of the color of this fish. Perfect as an hors d' oeurve when served on a cucumber slice or your favorite cracker. www.spenceltd.com.