Safer Trap, The Pantry Pest

Ready to use anywhere! Long-lasting. Traps grain moths, flour moths, meal moths and seed moths. Also Place Near: pet food, dried flowers, birdseed. The Pantry Pest Trap uses a powerful attractant that has a strong effect on certain moths. It has been used in commercial pest control to trap a variety of moths. These include many different species: Indian meal moths, seed moths, raisin moths, almond moths and tobacco moths. All of these moths are small and narrow (3/8 to 1/2 inch). They vary in color from a coppery brown to a mottled gray. These pests are found world-wide around dried goods and foods, including: wheat, cornmeal, dried fruits, seeds, crackers, biscuits, nuts, powdered milk, dried pet food, bird seed, chocolate, red peppers, tobacco and cocoa beans. Your Kit Includes: 2 traps; 2 pheromone lures in protective packets.