Rejuvenative Foods Tahini, Fresh Raw, Artisan, Organic 16 Oz

Low-temp ground! Sweet! Delicious! A vegan, GMO-free, trans-fat-free and gluten free food. 100% organic. USDA organic. Fresh-pure organic over 30 years. Superior Quality: Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. (See our website)(Recipes & health facts at Certified organic by OneCert. To make this superior, creamy, delicious, healthful and full of life energy, we low-temperature grind, then cool small batches of fresh sesame seeds 4 or more times and then refrigerate. Sesame seeds are a source of calcium, protein, B vitamins and essential fatty acids (Recipes & health facts at and have been enjoyed by world cultures for thousands of years. This Raw Tahini is more readily digestible than whole dry sesame seeds because it is ground up (smaller particles are more assimilable). 100% pure because we clean our machines between batches. Made in the USA.