Rejuvenative Foods Sauerkraut, Raw, Sea Salted

Delicious cultured. Fresh-pure. 100% organic. Active enzymes. Nature's functional food. Artisan. Probiotic. A vegan, GMO-free, trans-fat-free and gluten-free food. Over 30 years fresh; pure; organic. Superior Quality: Eat this. Feel better or your money back (see our web site). Certified organic by OneCert. Recipes & health facts at This raw sauerkraut is a handcrafted, high-fiber fresh cultured vegetable providing our bodies with a rich, flavorful source of enzymes and lactobacilli (a microflora we naturally receive from mother's milk as infants that enhances our digestion and overall health). While raw sauerkrauts and cultured vegetables have historically been enjoyed as invigorative food around the world, most other commercially available sauerkrauts are heat-processed, eliminating life-enhancing enzymes and microflora. This live raw sauerkraut is made fresh throughout the year, resulting in variations of color, taste, juiciness and natural expansion (especially when unrefrigerated). No water or vinegar is added. Made in the USA.