Siggi's Skyr, Zesty Lemon 4 Oz

siggi's Rich and Creamy Icelandic Strained Lemon Yogurt is an ode to deeply rooted Scandinavian dairy tradition that has been a part of Icelandic culture for centuries. siggi's founder wasn't thrilled with the overly sweet and artificial taste of US yogurt brands, inspiring him to create thoughtfully simple yogurt sourced with milk from family farms. When Siggi was a kid, his mom used to take plain skyr and mix it up, fifty-fifty, with whipped cream and then add fruit to the mix to create a very satisfying, rich concoction he loved. Our rich and creamy yogurt is inspired by his mom's simple recipe, which by the way never had a name aside from "skyr and cream"! Each cup of siggi's rich and creamy strained skyr yogurt uses 4x the amount of milk than a regular cup of yogurt – making it rich without all those dreadful artificial sweeteners