Siggi's Coconut Blend, Plant Based, Non Dairy, Strawberry 5.3 Oz

siggi's Strawberry Plant-Based Coconut Blend contains simple ingredients without all those dreadful artificial sweeteners. siggi's founder wasn't thrilled with the overly sweet and artificial taste of other US yogurt brands, inspiring him to create thoughtfully simple products. Our plant-based cup has 3x more protein & 40% less sugar than leading yogurt alternatives, made with a not-too-sweet coconut blend. On average, siggi's plant-based flavored products have 1.6g sugar per oz., 1.9g protein per oz., compared to the leading flavored yogurt alternative's average of 2.9g sugar per oz., and 0.6g protein per oz. Try our full line of products, including skyr, drinkable yogurt, plant based and yogurt pouches.