Stonyfield Organic Yogurt, Lowfat, Super Smoothie, Strawberry Banana

Since 1983. Protein & calcium. Probiotics. Our probiotic cultures enhance digestive & immune health. USDA organic. Wayside Farm, VT. One of the Organic Valley family farms that supply milk for our yogurt. 1% milkfat. Vitamin D added. Sometimes you just need to cut loose and wander free. No fetters. No spoon. Just you, your probiotics, your protein and your calcium, in a tasty organic smoothie. Here's one for the road. Our Organic Guarantee: Made without the use of antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, and toxic pesticides. Our Live, Active and Probiotic Cultures: s. thermophilus; bifidus; l. bulgaricus; l. casei; l. acidophilus; l. rhamnosus. Grade A. Certified gluten-free. Certified organic by QAI.