Stonyfield Organic Nonfat Yogurt, Pomegranate Berry

People's choice! Smooth and creamy. Since 1983. USDA organic. Vitamin D added. Get real. Why a new look? With all the artificial ingredients around, we thought we'd show you one of the real family farms that supplies us with organic milk. Fat free. I think it was the venerable founding farmer Tobias Holstein who first espoused the virtues of a fair and transparent flavor election. Or maybe not. Either way, America had voted pomegranate berry into our dairy case. The people have spoken. Enjoy! We gives 10% of our profits to the planet. Our Organic Guarantee: Made without the use of antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, and toxic pesticides. Natural balance. Our probiotic cultures enhance digestive & immune health. S. Thermophilus; bifidus; L. Bulgaricus; L. casei; L. acidophilus; L. rhamnosus. Certified gluten free. Certified organic by QAI.