Kalona Supernatural Yogurt, Organic, Plain

Complete 5%. Organic yogurt that will transform your taste buds! 5% milkfat. Our yogurt is revolutionary in every way, including its appearance and texture. Its lovely creamy top and uniquely marbled body are something special. Something you can truly make your own. Enjoy the cream off the top or blend it in - either way it's a pure and natural treat. Low sugar & low carb. Live Active Cultures: s. thermophilus, l. acidophilus, bifidus, l. bulgaris. USDA organic. Cultural Revolution Organic Yogurt uses only the freshest, most natural ingredients, and - here's the revolutionary part - it delivers naturally sweet, creamy taste without all the sugar, carbs, calories, and sodium contained in most other yogurts. So how did we create a yogurt that is so good for you and tastes so great? We simply let nature do what she does best, and she delivered. Our yogurt is made exclusively of organic whole milk and rich, creamy organic butterfat that contains vitamins A and D. Gently processed and never homogenized: Cultural Revolution has a pure flavor and texture that will transform your taste buds. Certified Organic Midwest Organic Services Association, Inc.