Redwood Hill Farm Yogurt, Goat Milk, Blueberry 6 Oz

Certified Gluten-Free. New look. Same taste. Taste our love for our goats, our lane and our craft. Velvety, slightly tart and nutrient-rich. Billions of probiotics slowly, gently cultured. More digestible than cow milk yogurt. Since 1968. Crafted with love in Sonoma Country, CA. Born a week early and in need of extra love, this adorably scrappy kid lived in the house and was bottle fed while she watched kid-friendly TV. These days, moonlight spoils us with her abundance of charm. No kidding! Kids dig it! Whole goat milk. Meets our goats mighty moonlight. Grade A. Certified Humane raised & handled. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. (at)RedwoodHillFarm. Made with 100% renewable energy.