Tofurky Chick'n, Slow Roasted, Tandoori

Meatless. Excellent source of protein. Low saturated fat. Plant-based organic ingredients. Still family owned & independent since 1980. New! Recipe on back. Vegan. All vegan. This savory, rich and earthy Tandoori-style chick'n can be seared, steamed, or tossed cold with your favorite crisp veggies. Thanks for being part of our planet's sustainable food movement. Good for you. Good for animals. Good for the environment. We support many causes to raise awareness for people, animals and our planet. This sustainably sourced, organic soy chick'n uses just 16% of the 815 gallons of water needed to produce one pound of traditional poultry. One meat-free day per week saves an average of 16.5 miles in greenhouse gas emissions. Pinterest. Twitter. Facebook. This packaging was made with recycled materials and low VOC inks. Recycle it. 100% recycled paperboard. Be well. At Tofurky, our products are created to promote the health and vitality of our communities and ecosystems. For more than 30 years we have innovated to create delicious and sustainably focused veg-friendly food. Made in Oregon, USA.