Silk Soymilk, Very Vanilla

Made with organic soybeans. Vitamin C and Calcium enriched. Vitamin fortified. Silk Soymilk is made from soybeans that were not genetically engineered. 100% Lactose-free. 100% Cholesterol-free. Contains soy protein, vital antioxidants and 11 essential vitamins and minerals. Excellent source of calcium. Simply chill, sip and enjoy! It's free! Silk Soymilk is free of lactose, dairy, cholesterol, gluten, eggs, peanuts, casein, MSG and worries. You still have to pay for it though. Drink up, it's good for you! Straight up in a glass or over cereal, Silk delivers the powerful nutrition you need - plus all the great taste you can handle. Silk Soymilk is third-party certified organic by QAI. Made in USA.