Silk Plus Fiber Soymilk, Vanilla

Helps support a healthy digestive system. Lactose free. Calcium & vitamin fortified. 6.25 Soy protein per serving. Drink up, your heart will thank you! Making Silk an everyday pleasure is one of the best things you can do for your body. Every delicious, creamy sip comes loaded with heart healthy soy protein, vital antioxidants and 11 essential vitamins and minerals. That's smooth satisfaction, body and soul. According to the FDA, 25 grams of soy protein in a day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. One serving of Silk Plus Fiber contains 6.25 grams of soy protein. Everything you love about silk. Plus fiber. Get more out of you daily Silk! No matter how you slice it (or sip it!), fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet. In fact, leading health authorities tell us that most Americans would benefit from including more fiber in their everyday routines. Fiber for your healthy lifestyle. Now Silk Plus Fiber delivers the same creamy vanilla flavor and powerful nutrition you love, plus the added benefit of extra fiber. So drink up, it'll do a body good! Five times more fiber than regular Silk (A serving of Silk Vanilla contains 1 gram of fiber, a serving of Silk Plus Fiber contains 5 grams fiber). A smarty daily choice for optimum digestive health. Most Americans consume only about half of their recommended daily fiber. An excellent source of fiber. Every delicious serving of Silk Plus Fiber contains 5 grams of dietary fiber, that's 25 percent of oatmeal, and the same amount of fiber as a whole apple! Whats In A Cup? One 8 Ounce Cup of Silk Plus Fiber Contains: 5 grams fiber, 5 times more than regular silk; 6.25 Grams soy protein; 30% Of recommended daily calcium; vitamins A, B12, D, riboflavin and folate; Potassium, iron zinc and selenium. 230 mg Beneficial omega-3; Absolutely delicious, smooth and creamy vanilla soymilk. It's free! Silk Plus Fiber is free of lactose, dairy, cholesterol, gluten, eggs, casein, peanuts, MSG and worries. You still have to pay for it though. 100% Vegan: The ingredients (including the vitamins and minerals) in all Silk varieties Do not contain animal products. Silk Soymilk Plus Fiber contains 5 g of fiber per serving. A serving of oatmeal has 4g of fiver and a large apple has 5g of fiber.