Seven Stars Farm Yogurt, Organic, Lowfat, Plain

With acidophilus & bifidus. 1% Milkfat. USDA Organic. For our customers who prefer a lighter product than our original yogurt we offer Seven Stars Lowfat Yogurt. Since there are no thickness or stabilizers added, when you open the container a layer of liquid called whey may be on top. Do not be deterred. This is a normal separation process and does not indicate an inferior or spoiled product. The whey can be poured off and added to fruit juice for a tasty beverage rich in minerals, or it can be stirred back into the yogurt. In a world where even natural and organic foods are over processed, Seven Stars Yogurt is special. We work hard to produce a yogurt which is truly pure, simple and delicious. It is still processed right on to the farm, in small batches, with great care and attention to detail and cleanliness. We add only acidophilus, bifidus and other living yogurt cultures. We hope you enjoy our yogurt's fresh, pure taste. Perhaps you have noticed a difference in the labeling of Seven Stars Lowfat Yogurt. We changed from Biodynamic Yogurt to Organic Yogurt. While each batch of our lowfat yogurt is made primarily of our own milk, we now need at times to purchase additional organic milk. The labeling change does not reflect a change in our management of Seven Stars Farm. We continue to be a certified Biodynamic farm, utilizing the Biodynamic herbal preparations to enhance the vitality of the soil, plants and animals. With our herd of Jersey and Guernsey cows, we strive to create the ideal Biodynamic farm - a self-sufficient system that builds and sustains soil fertility through crop rotation and farm composts. Certified to U.S.D.A. organic standards by Stellar Certification Services.