Kitu Creamer, Super, Hazelnut

Protein + MCT oil. Naturally sweetened. 0 g sugar. 50 calories. 3 g protein per 3 tbsp. 40 g protein container. Caffeine free. Add Positives: +protein. +healthy fats. +monk fruit. Remove Negatives: -no lactose (99.9% lactose-free). -zero sugar. -no gluten. -no carrageenan. -no sugar alcohol. Be your own barista. Brewing a better day in every cup. It all started in our little brother's dorm room. Tired of unhealthy energy drinks, we removed the negatives, and added the positives. Because if we change our energy, we can change our world. That's the Kitu Life. Jordan, Jake and Jimmy. Join the family at Facebook. Twitter. Instagram (at)kitulife. FSC: Mix Board from responsible sources.