Good Karma Flaxmilk + Protein, Unsweetened 32 fl oz

Smooth & creamy. We believe good makes good. Energetic and passionate, joyful and optimistic. That's us. A group of normal people full of kind-hearted intention. We believe little acts of good add up to happy hearts and warm smiles. That good food fuels good people, creating better communities and a brighter tomorrow. And we believe in food that is nutritious and delicious and lets plants shine. That's what we eat up. That's our MO. Let's do good. The Flax Facts: These tiny Omega-3 packed seeds use 15x less water than almonds. Flax seeds are a functional plant full of Omega-3S. Omega-3S are good fats for happy bodies. Plus protein packed peas. Glyphosphate residue free. Please recycle.