Califia Farms Protein Original Oat Milk 48 fl oz

There’s no need to choose between the goodness of plant milk and the nutrition of dairy milk. Protein Oat is the plant-based, no-compromise alternative to dairy milk you’ve been wishing for. Now you can demand more from your milk. Oat milk is the milkiest plant milk, more closely matching dairy milk in taste and texture than any other. And now, it’s closer in nutritional profile too. We packed 8g of plant protein and 595mg of calcium into every serving of Protein Oat, plus potassium, vitamin D, vitamin E, and omega-3s. Yet it still retains that creamy, dreamy texture and sweet, malty taste. Pour it over cereal, blend it into smoothies, make overnight oats and fruity breakfast bowls. Cheers to a plant milk that does it all!