Califa Farms Almondmilk, Unsweetened Vanilla 32 fl oz

Pssst! Enjoy this delicious expression of plant-based wellness, inspired by the nurturing Queen Califia. Pantry peace of mind. Treat your taste buds and calm your mind. This creamy almondmilk dream happily accommodates months of storage for future taste & gratification: At breakfast; in smoothies; in desserts; and recipes. Stock. Store. Sip. Savor. Where plants are Queen. Meet our muse Queen Califia (pronounced cal-uh-fee-ahh), a mythic warrior and fierce protector of the land. It is from her story that the golden state of California inherited its powerful name. And it is her guardian spirit over the life-giving abundance of plants that guides us in our mission to return food to its original nourishing purpose. Let's plant the future, together. Where plant based is planet based. Smooth & delicious. Please recycle. FSC: Mix - Board.