Field Roast Corn Dogs, Miniature

Crispy corn battered vegan frankfurters. Premium mini corn dogs. 100% real vegan meal. Vegan. All American vegetarian. Wheat. Celery. Onion. Garlic. Corn. Tomatoes. Miniature corn dogs! Our award-winning Corn Dogs harken back to county fairs, amusement parks and summertime fun. We begin with our Field Roast Frankfurters, dunk them in a traditional sweet cornbread batter and crisp them to perfection. Enjoy but pace yourself! The yellower the mustard the better! In 300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles, author Linda Campbell Franklin describes the trusty Krusty Dog baker machine that first appeared in a catalogue in 1929. The korn dogs were baked in a corn batter and resembled ears of corn when cooked. Vegan. Fun. Food. Made with Field Roast Frankfurters. Quality guaranteed. Give us a call 800-311-9497. Find Field Roast Frankfurters in your grocer's refrigerator set.