Lifeway Lassi Smoothie, Indian Cultured Milk, Strawberry

With other natural flavors. Rich in calcium. Grade A. Naturally cultured with inulin to boost calcium absorption. Made with Lifeways exclusive probiotic Lassi culture. Produced with authentic Indian Lassi recipe. One sip of Lifeway's new Lassi yogurt drink and you'll know that you've tapped into something that's good for your body as well as your soul. Inspired by 6,000 year - old traditions of India, Lifeway's version of the time - honored South Asian beverage evokes its Ayurvedic origins along with the thirst - quenching qualities that have made Lassi a staple in the searing heat of the Indian subcontinent. Our Mango and Strawberry Lassi flavors will soothe your spirit with natural blends of yogurt and fruit designed to promote wellness and harmony. May you ever be blessed with Chardi kala, that state of bliss embraced by the ancients who gave us the gift of Lassi so many centuries ago.