Pure Brazilian Coconut Water, 100% Raw 13.5 Oz

100% anao coconuts. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Nature's Finest: Our expert agronomists scoured the world with one goal - find the trees and soil that produce the finest, most delicately flavored coconuts. We found it in Brazil, home to the Amazon. 100% Anao Coconuts: Why does our water taste so good? We use only the best Anao coconuts - a smaller coconut we harvest young so that all of the benefits stay in the water. Most other waters are made using giant Asian coconuts that are grown primarily for their meat and oil, not their water. Totally Raw: Our coconut water is always raw - never heated, never concentrated and never compromised. Our proprietary cold pressing technique protects the clean, crisp flavor and nutritional benefits of raw coconut water. Pinking may occur naturally. Enjoy ice cold. Help Save the Amazon: For each bottle sold we protect one square foot of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest the world's most precious asset. Please join us in making a difference. Live pure. Drink pure. Instagram: at drinkpurebrazilian. Facebook: dinkpurebrazilian. www.drinkpurebrazilian.com. Please recycle. Attention: You are about to permanently alter your perception of what raw coconut water should taste like. Welcome to the reality of pure Brazilian coconut water. 100% juice. Non-GMO all natural. Product of Brazil.