Odwalla Quencher Fruit Juice Drink Blend, AntioxiDance

Antioxidance. Sip the light fantastic taste of this nimble dance, fully tricked out with nature's cell defender, vitamin C! Antioxidants such as vitamin C protect your body by neutralizing oxidizing molecules that form in the bloodstream and damage cells. It's essential to regularly replenish with antioxidants, since your body can't make them on its own. Odwalla's Antioxidance helps keep you right in step with a delicious partner, spinning with winning flavors of cherry, orange, passionfruit, lemon and wild berry extract. Do the AntioxiDance! Separation is natural- Shake it up! Thirst for Perfection. You hold in your hands a Quencher that nourishes deliciously- made the uncompromising way, with real fruit, filtered water, evaporated cane juice, berry extracts, and vitamin C. Refreshment pioneers pursuing juice Nirvana, we of Odwalla have a passionate thirst for the perfect quencher- delicious chuggables that cool you down but don't fill you up. Nourish Your Thirst. Contains 16% Juice. Nourishing the Whole Body!