Odwalla Odwalla B Berrier

B Berrier with B Berrier! Odwalla's splashed a dazzling fountain of fruits and b vitamins into this cool, thirst- busting concoction. B Berrier's cranberries, limes and raspberries make a quenching cascade of tart sweetness, while hard- working vitamins B6 and B12 do the heavy lifting. These B vitamins are essential partners in the conversion of carbohydrates and amino acids into glucose, which supplies energy for your fabulous day. Need more berry in your merry. Get b Berrier. Separation is natural- Shake it up! Thirst for perfection. you hold in your hands a Quencher that nourishes deliciously- made the uncompromising way, with real fruit, filtered water, evaporated cane juice, and essential B vitamins. Refreshment pioneers pursuing Juice Nivana, we of Odwalla have a passionate thirst for the perfect quencher- delicious chuggables that cool you down but don't fill you up. Nourish you thirst. Contains 24% Juice. Nourishing the Body Whole!