Me And The Bees Ginger Lemonade

25% less sugar. Real lemons. No high fructose corn syrup. Contains 8% juice. Est. 09. This is the story of Me & the Bees. To be honest, I didn't always dream of befriending a bunch of honeybees. But two bee stings, Great Granny Helen's old family recipe and a little lemonade stand later, I got curious and got busy learning about bees. Turns out, bees are bigger than bugs. Our fuzzy friends are the littlest and biggest links in our food chain. And they need our help to stay busy, healthy and productive. That's why I use honey to make lemonade that tastes good and does good. Every sip spreads the buzz, and some of our profits go to organizations working hard to help bees. Join me on my mission. Become a beeliever. - Mikaila. My lemonade stand in a bottle. Facebook: MikailasBees. Instagram: (at)MikailasBees. Twitter: (at)MikailasBees. Healthy Hive Foundation. Bee the change. Donate online. Please recycle. Made with love from Austin, TX.