Gt's Yogurt, Living Coconut, Blueberry Ginger 8 Oz

Billions of probiotics. Support by the Spoonful GT's Cocoyo is more than your average coconut yogurt! Simply crafted with only a few pure ingredients, it's a plant-based probiotic powerhouse that nourishes your gut with good bacteria to aid digestion and help keep things moving. Low in sugar and free of additives, this rich, dairy-free delight is a raw living food that can be enjoyed on its own, mixed in a smoothie, used as a topping, or paired with fresh fruit. Raw. Nourishing Life Within I've long believed food is our greatest medicine and Mother Nature is our greatest healer. With her nutritious gifts, she provides all we need to be happy & healthy. That's why I crafted this gift for you to enjoy. - GT Dave, Founder. This is a living food.