Field Roast Chao Slices, Vegan, Garden Herb 7 oz

Bring signature flavor to your favorite recipe with Field Roast™ Chao Creamery™ Garden Herb Vegan Slices. These dairy-free cheese slices are coconut-based and seasoned with fermented tofu, boasting a creamy texture that peels and shreds with an ease deserving of its roots in charcuterie preparation practices. With a well-balanced blend of flavors and spicy black pepper, Chao Creamery™ vegan cheese slices are sure to elevate any sandwich or burger to a new level of mouthwatering goodness. Believing that tradition and detail matter, since 1997, Field Roast™ brand sources only the finest quality, all-natural, whole-food ingredients for flavorful, high-quality products that satisfy with every bite.