Andrew & Everett Cheese, Thin Sliced American 7 Oz

Premium natural cheeses. Udderly the best! rBGH-BST hormone free. No cows injected with growth hormones. No antibiotics. No preservatives. No animal by-products. Gluten free. Made with vegetable rennet. Source verified from farm to table. We thought you should know, virtually all cheese makers, even those claiming to be natural, can use milk from cows injected with Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), a synthetic, genetically engineered version of a cow's natural growth hormone. Although increasing milk production, rBGH has been proven harmful to the cows as well many consumers have concerns eating dairy products from cows that were given hormones. Many cheese makers also use older, denigrated milk which causes a softness in the cheese requiring additives and binders such as Casein (a food industrial glue) to be added to keep its shape. At Andrew & Everett, those practices are unacceptable. We think your family will agree. That's why we partner with independent, self-sustaining U.S. farmers committed to bringing you cheese free of growth hormones and antibiotics. Our cheese is made only from the freshest milk available. And we validate all our claims by using a third party certifier. Third party audits are performed at the farms, production facilities, and packing facilities. We guarantee that our milk, ingredients and cheese making methods are as pure as nature itself. Resealable.