Daiya Cheese, Jalapeno Havarti, Block 7.1 oz

Is there any comfort food more iconic than cheese? Our new plant based cheese melts like dairy, tastes like dairy, and even looks like dairy...minus the actual dairy. We're reimagining the way plant based cheese is made, combining traditional cheesemaking methods with the goodness of oat. Our new & improved dairy free cheese is now made with Daiya Oat Cream™ blend, for a cheesy, "melts-like-dairy" experience that comforts the way cheese should. Just like dairy cheese, our dairy free cheese blocks are wonderfully versatile. Slice for sandwiches, cube for a cheese platter, toss into a salad, or grate over your favorite spaghetti dish - the pasta-bilities are endless! Spice up your dishes with Jalapeño Havarti. Featuring real jalapeño pieces, this dairy free cheese block will add a kick to artichoke dips, grilled cheese sandwiches, or it can be shredded over a smoky chipotle lasagna or cheesy ramen for a flavorful topping.