Daiya Cheese, Dairy-Free, Block, Mozzarella 7.1 oz

Introducing Daiya's best-ever plant based cheese blocks; made with oats and chickpeas. Just like real cheese, our dairy free cheese blocks are wonderfully versatile. Slice for sandwiches, cube for a cheese platter, toss into a salad, or grate over your favorite spaghetti dish - the pasta-bilities are endless! Mild, milky, and oh-so-fresh, our new Classic Mozza vegan cheese block is made with oats and chickpeas. Add some dairy free delight to your favorite sandwich recipe or layer with fresh basil on a slice of beefsteak tomato for an elevated bite. Smooth, creamy, vegan mozzarella - what's not to love? Peanut free and perfect for school lunches.