Bellwether Farms Cultured Cream, French, Creme Fraiche 5 Oz

Made from lure cream. Traditional family farm recipe. Real California milk. Bellwether farms creme Fraiche. The chef’s secret ingredient: Chefs worldwide use Creme Fraiche to add that extra special something to their dishes, and now you can be in on their secret. More flavorful than whipped cream and not as tan as American sour cream, use Creme Fraiche as a gourmet addition to sauces, soups and as the perfect topping for rich desserts. Creme Fraiche thickens without curdling and is more versatile than yogurt or sour cream. Produced without added growth hormones. Visit our website for recipes from chefs and other users. We continuously update our recipes: Look inside the package for recipes or visit Recipes are constantly updated. Bellwether Farms Foundation: 1% of our sales is pledged to strengthen the food system by supporting organizations which provide hunger relief or food-related education to our communities.