St Angel Cheese Triple Cream Brie

Ah, what a delight the soft, dreamy St. Angel is. The thin rind and unusual, square shape allow St. Angel to ripen entirely, but not too much, meaning every scoop and plop will have the same smooth-as-whipped-cream texture and beautiful cultured tang. Triple cremes don’t just taste luxurious; they are luxurious, as in, economically. When cow’s milk creams, as it is apt to do on its own, a pragmatic herdsman would make butter from the cream and cheese from the milk. This lets you get at all the nutrients without much spoilage, provides a little investment in hoarding (the cheese) and some fat for cooking (the butter). To make a triple crème, though, the cream is added back into the cheesemilk, just for the fantastic whimsy of super-rich, silky soft joy-in-cheese. We really know how to live.