Rians Le Roule With Fine Herbs

Le Roulé is a hand-rolled cheese log filled with garlic and herbs. It was originally produced in the 1980s by Fromagerie Triballat in the Center region of France. Made with pasteurised cow’s milk, the cheese is easily recognizable due to the distinctive swirl pattern. This North-East French produce has a creamy, melt-in-the-mouth texture with a combination of fresh herbs and garlic. The cheese has a respectable place on cheeseboard but can also be spread on a toast or used as an ingredient in cooking. Unveil a new flavour by adding it to mashed potatoes or risottos. Besides, one can use it as a substitute for crumbled fresh goat cheese on pizzas and salads. Red Sancerre or Champagne is recommended with a Le Roulé log.