Odyssey Cheese, Chunk in Brine, Feta, Traditional

Wisconsin made by master cheese makers. Gluten free. Rbst free (The FDA states there is no difference between milk from cows treated with Rbst and untreated cows). 60 calories per serving. Crafted by Klondike Cheese Company. Masterfully Authentic: Odyssey Traditional Feta Cheese is a rich, creamy soft cheese with an award-winning zesty flavor. It's created from Wisconsin's finest cow's milk and crafted authentically in the Greek tradition by master cheese makers. Its tangy flavor is perfect in salads, seafood, chicken, pasta, pizza and all the popular Greek favorites. Try marinating in olive oil for an extraordinary treat. Since 1925, our family owned company has operated in a tradition of quality and uncompromising standards. Today the family's third and fourth generations continue their commitment to the art of cheesemaking. For great tasting recipes please visit www.klondikecheese.com. Wisconsin Cheese.