Belwtr Creme Fraiche

Made from pure cream. Traditional family farm recipe. Real California milk. Bellwether Farms creme Fraiche the chef's secret ingredient. Chefs worldwide use creme fraiche to add that extra special something to their dishes. Now you can be in on their secret. This classic, French-style cultured cream has a rich, nutty flavor with an appealing tart edge. A basic pantry item in French kitchens, it is an ingredient used by fine cooks in many cuisines. Pour over fruit, whip into soups, stir into sauces. Creme fraiche thickens without curdling and is more versatile than yogurt or sour cream. Look inside for more recipes! Scan QR code to find recipes & more. Bellwether Farms Foundation: 1% of our sales is pledged to strengthen the food system by supporting organizations which provide hunger relief or food-related education to our communities.