Mindoro Blue

Award-winning and richly delicious, this Mindoro Danish style blue cheese from Swiss Valley Farms is a simple way to enhance your menu options and test your culinary craft. A blue-veined cheese made from cows' milk, this cheese is creamy and crumbly in texture. Fairly mild but salty and unique in flavor, this cheese can be used to enhance a number of dishes. This wedge style of packaging brings versatility as it opens the possibility of ways it can be served. Crumble it over a delicious mixed greens and strawberry salad for a refreshing appetizer, or make a mouth-watering blue cheese burger. This Danish style of blue cheese excels when served with fruit and paired with a dessert wine like a port or Sauternes. Aged for more than 60 days, this delicious Danish style blue cheese is crafted to perfection and created to please.