Avo Classic Guacamole, All Natural

Fresh look, same fresh taste. Avo Classic All Natural Guacamole. It's 5 ripe Hass avocados. It's onions and garlic and spices. It's the same fine ingredients you'd use to make your own. It all adds up to the most delicious guacamole you can buy. For even more flavor, mix in fresh tomatoes, peppers or Pico de Gallo. Fresherized means flavor. How do we make Guacamole that tastes this amazingly great with no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no additives? Easy, we use the Fresherizing process; a revolutionary process that uses ultra high pressure to keep our guacamole fresher and tastier longer, Avo Classic Guacamole is truly the most delicious you can buy, enjoy. Product of Mexico.