Rainbow Light Fiber System, Everyday, VCaps

Dietary Supplement. Digestive health. Food-based formula. Supports daily regularity. Promotes internal cleansing. Maintains healthy cholesterol levels. Allergen SafeGuard. Vegan Guard. Eco-Guard bottle. 100% recycled. 100% recyclable. Digestion - The foundation of health. Sustainable packaging from Rainbow Light. Another bottle kept out of the landfill. Multi-fiber & herb system to support daily regularity, promote internal cleansing and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Over 3 grams of total fiber per serving from psyllium, guar gum and pectin. Maintains healthy cholesterol levels over 2 grams of soluble fiber from psyllium husk - the amount found in 1 serving of oatmeal. Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 7 grams of soluble fiber per day from psyllium husk may reduce the risk of heart disease. Supports daily regularity delivering prune powder, fiber and bulking ingredients that absorb toxins and encourage healthy elimination, plus comprehensive digestive support featuring plant-source enzymes, herbs traditionally used to stimulate digestion and reduce flatulence, and fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which act as food for beneficial bacteria. Promotes internal cleansing with chlorophyll and bentonite clay. Guarantee: 100% natural - free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and other objectionable additives often found in vitamin products. Contains no sugar or lactose. Vegan guard screened for vegans to be free of animal products. Allergen SafeGuard: Free of gluten, yeast, milk, eggs, soy, nuts, fish/shellfish and wheat. EarthFirst PLA film utilizes Ingeo. (This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.) www.rainbowlight.com.