Tude Juice Galatude

100% Gala apple juice. Positively good. Four fresh unpeeled apples in here! Contains 100% juice. Cold pressed with fresh Washington apples. Unfiltered. Kosher. Raw. Cold pressure pasteurized. In a world of over-processed stuff, we set out to create a juice with pure intentions. One that shows its true colors, even if they are shockingly vibrant. A fresh little juice that's not afraid to say, Yea that's right, this is what I'm supposed to taste like! A juice that's everything fruit is, in a deliciously, drinkable form. This is 'tude - positively good. Our Positively Good process (patent pending) keeps healthy nutrients, natural color and true fruit flavor in & unnecessary, unpronounceable additives out. 260 mg of apple polyphenol antioxidants. Facebook.com/tudejuice. Please recycle.