Odwalla Superfood Smoothie Red Rhapsody

Odwalla® Superfood Red Rhapsody Smoothie Blend. Premium fruit smoothie blend. 160 calories per bottle. What's inside per bottle. 1/4 banana. 7 strawberries. 30% DV vitamin C. Juice of 1/2 beet. 70% DV vitamin E. 70% DV vitamin A. Juice of 1-2/3 apples. Gluten free & vegan. No sugar added. Separation is Natural-Shake It Up!®. Up to 100% plant-based. 100% recyclable. Plantbottle®. This innovative redesigned plastic bottle uses up to 100% renewable material from plants and is recyclable as always. When you're done, please Give it Back®. Please recycle this container. Flash pasteurized. 100% juice/puree blend. Not a reduced calorie food. See nutrition facts for sugar and calorie content. No GMO. Odwalla chooses not to use bioengineered ingredients when a choice exists. 1-800-ODWALLA (639-2552). www.odwalla.com. ©2012 Odwalla, Inc.