Odwalla Fruit Smoothie Blend 12 oz

Antioxidants beta carotene and vitamins C & E. Not from concentrate. No sugar added. Plant Bottle (This innovative redesigned plastic bottle uses up to 100% renewable material from plants and is recyclable as always). What's Inside per Bottle: 1/2 peach; juice of 1-1/2 oranges; 1/4 mango; 750% DV vitamin C; 1/3 plum; 150% DV vitamin A; juice of 1/7 apple; 470% DV vitamin E. Because with a name like Mo' Beta, it's got a reputation to protect. 100% juice/puree blend. No GMO. Odwalla does not use ingredients that were produced using biotechnology if bioengineered varieties exist. Not a reduced calorie food. Flash pasteurized. Gluten free. Truvia.