Sumo Citrus Mandarins 32 oz

Incredibly. Seedless. Easy-to-peel sweet. Bursting with juicy sweetness, Sumo Citrus is one of the world's largest and sweetest mandarins. Distinguished for its Top KnotTM and uneven skin, this rare seedless hybrid variety delivers the ultimate citrus experience: incredibly sweet and easy-to-peel, without the mess! Perfectly Pampered: Pruned and harvested all by hand. High Standards: Difficult to grow, only the best are called Sumo Citrus. Treated to maintain freshness in transit with one or more of the following: azoxystrobin, fludioxonil, imazalil, propiconazole, pyrimethanil and/or thiabendazole. Coated with food grade vegetable wax, beeswax, lac resin and/or wood resin. Legacy packing and cold storage Dinuba, CA 93618.