Plant Boss Organic Plant Chili 3.35 oz

Replaces 1 lb ground meat. Add tomatoes & beans. No meat here; just plant-based goodness. Your plant-based happy place! Behold the power of plant-based foods; to satisfy our hunger, nourish our bodies and safeguard our planet. Plant Boss meals are proof. Crafted with meatless crumbles made from organic yellow peas grown in North America, 10,000% meat-free and overflowing with amazing flavor. Plant Boss Plant Chili features organic meatless crumbles blended with organic seasonings, including chili peppers, onion and cumin. Add tomatoes, beans and your other favorite ingredients for the new champion of chili. About Us: Plant Boss meals are made by Frontier Co-op, a small Iowa cooperative founded in 1976. We love plants! We are committed to plants for a healthier world and are very excited to bring you these organic plant-based meal starters.