Zip It Zipit Sauce Steak

All natural. Just add butter. Beef's ultimate dipping sauce. Makes 12 servings. America discovers a new taste for beef. It was a discovery just waiting to happen. A few years ago, while going through some boxes in the attic left to him by his grandfather, Tom Shea found a recipe for a steak sauce. Lots of zip! Grandpa Shea wrote on the top of the yellowed 3 in x 5 in card. Curious, Tom made a batch. Right away I knew I was onto something big. The sauce had a flavor profile unlike anything out there, said Tom, founder of Great Lakes Gourmet, so I started making it for friends and family. And the response was always the same -people flipped over it! Being from Michigan, Tom figures Grandpa was exposed to other broth-based zip sauces - popular at steak houses in Detroit in the 1940's -and then came up with his own version. But Zip-It is cream-based, so it really sticks to your meat. The taste is phenomenal - there's nothing like it on the planet, said Tom. I think Gramps would be proud. Real proud. Turn your house into a steak house. Cream-based sauce. Heat while adding unsalted butter. All natural. Use as a finishing or dipping sauce. Add to any beef recipe. 1940's recipe. Made in Michigan, USA.