Stacys Baked Soy Crisps, Simply Cheese

Soy thin crisps. 0 g Trans fat. 5.5 g Soy protein per serving. Here at Stacy's we are proud of our commitment to both good taste and healthy lifestyles. Compare Stacy's Soy Thin Crisps flavor with other baked snacks. We think you will be as excited as we are! Like many of you, we try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, when it comes to snacking we're careful about our choices. Eating plenty of fruits and veggies helps us avoid fats, preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients. But sometimes you just crave something different. Now, there's Soy Thin Crisps. Finally, you can indulge in a delicious, satisfying, baked snack. Made in the USA.