Simply 7 Hummus Chips, Spicy Chili Pepper 5 Oz

Simple ingredients. Simply delicious. A smoky kick. All natural chickpeas. Gourmet chickpea snack. 0 grams trans fat. Nothing artificial. What are hummus chips? We took the main ingredient found in hummus - the chickpea - and baked its flavors and nutrients into an all natural bite-sized chip. Chickpeas were first cultivated over 7500 years ago in the Middle East and contain a large amount of protein, fiber, and many important minerals. No wonder these wholesome chips are nutritious and simply delicious! At Simply 7, we're passionate about making great-tasting, wholesome snacks for every lifestyle! We've created our chips to be both nutritious and delicious. All of our snacks are made according to 7 core standards and they are oh so simple: 1. 0 grams trans fat; 2. No artificial colors or flavors; 3. No preservatives; 4. Gluten free ingredients; 5. All natural recipes; 6. Simple ingredients; 7. Simply delicious - Rashim Oberoi, President. Try hummus chips with your favorite dip. Check out our other great-tasting snacks and get started on a healthy lifestyle. Made in the USA.